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Entrega de Empreendimento

Quando a imobiliária contratar a entrega da unidade de apartamentos a venda em sorocaba no prazo e preços certos, determinados ou origináveis, deverá obrigatoriamente informar aos compradores, por escrito, no mínimo de seis em seis meses, o estado da obra.

A imobiliária responde civilmente pela execução da incorporação, devendo ressarcir os adquirentes ou compromissários, dos prejuízos que a estes ocorrerem do fato de não se concluir a edificação ou de se retardar injustificadamente a conclusão das obras.

venda de apartamento em sorocaba

Dentro da atividade imobiliária, um dos tópicos mais importantes diz respeito às incorporações, pois uma incorporação imobiliária implica em assumir um terreno e sobre ele edificar unidades diferentes e independentes entre si, para venda e futura entrega, porém unidas por situações necessárias a fim de atender os objetivos de uma habitação coletiva.

A imobiliária incorpora fatores de produção com objetivos definidos para construir e, antes, durante ou após a conclusão da construção, vender as unidades imobiliárias que unificam a edificação coletiva. Para tanto, existe o envolvimento de pessoas e técnicos das mais diversas especialidades e funções, com o objetivo da sua conclusão, e finalizando todo o processo com a individualização e discriminação no Registro de Imóveis da região a que originalmente o terreno encontra-se matriculado.

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Dielectric Operation

It is important to understand that if a relatively large unit is required, capacitors with capacitance at the picofarad scales, represented by pF, and microfarad, represented by mF, should be used. According to the element inserted between the capacitor plates, called dielectric, the categories of this component is defined in oil, paper, ceramic, polyester, polystyrene or electrolytic. Thus, each category of capacitor has a specific application, varying according to the frequencies of the signals that will be used, always having to analyze the maximum voltage that can be supported without rupturing the dielectric.

It is worth stressing that the main objective of the dielectric process is to enable a significant increase in the capacitance, since each capacitor is formed by two different plates. The first circuit of the capacitor to be considered refers to the resistor R, a capacitor C and a tensioned battery that is always energized, connected together in series.

In this same circuit, the current is common to all components, and all are influenced by it. Even if you do not have the capacitor, the battery would force an inadequate current.

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Environmental Specifications and Recommendations

When choosing any type of DC electric motor it is necessary to consider its dimensions, in the same way as the environmental factors.

The configuration of the shaft and the reducer, if need be, also become admirable factors that should be respected. The optimum shaft choice ensures increased efficiency and saves time and cost during the assembly process.

The configurations can cover several types, including square, hexagon, grooved, concave and round. The DC motor reduction is applied to increase or decrease the speed of the shaft mechanically.       ORC4SPCHP37P61

The different types of gearboxes that are used in DC electric motors may include gear reducers, planetary gearwheels, or worm gears. We must consider that a DC machine must fit properly in a verified space or if it respects possible weight requirements and the physical specifications, which end up being very important factors to make the choice that best fits the needs.

The configuration of the shaft must determine that the motor must be assembled and connected to the system that it will have to activate, being essential its correct selection so that it is compatible with the system.

A configuração do eixo deve determinar que o motor deva ser montado e conectado ao sistema que ele terá que acionar, sendo fundamental a sua seleção correta para que ele seja compatível com o sistema.


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From the relations previously known we can have a relation between the impedance of the primary Zp and the impedance of the load Zc. In this way, it is possible to work the impedances by changing the turns ratio. The relationship between the modules of the induced voltages in the primary and the secondary is identical to the relation between the number of corresponding windings.

In transformers the power must always remain the same and the incoming power must be the same as it leaves, disregarding the loss. The maximum power approved by the source is only transferred to the load if it has an impedance identical to the internal impedance of the source. Just look at the example of how to use the transformer to solve problems of low power in the load.

Electrical insulation means the lack of direct physical connection between circuits and an example of transformer application for electrical insulation is in voltage measurement on a high voltage line. The measurement can be performed smoothly by the technician using a transformer in the original line design that lowers the voltage to a protected level for technical and from which we can get the original tension applying the turns ratio should be known.

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Synchronous Generator – Operation

In the case of acting as a generator, the mechanical energy will be provided to the electric motor by the application of a torque and by the rotation of the shaft or shaft thereof. Once the generator is properly connected to the mains, the voltage to its terminals will be solved by the frequency of rotation and by the number of poles, the frequency of the three-phase voltage of the machine.

In order for the synchronous machine to transform the mechanical energy applied to its axis or shaft, it is necessary that the field winding located in the machine rotor be fed properly by a source of continuous voltage so that, in making the rotation, the magnetic field produced by the rotor poles has a relative movement to the conductors of the stator windings.

Due to the relative movement between the magnetic field of the rotor poles, the intensity of the magnetic field that circulates through the stator windings can change in time, that is, considering Faraday’s law, there is an induction of voltage to the terminals of the stator windings .     ZD18H575-EO

Thus, because of the form of distribution and space accommodation of the set of windings of the stator, the voltages induced at its terminals can be alternated three-phase sinusoidal.


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Shaded Pole Motors

The distorted field electric motor provides a single direction of rotation and normally this field can be reversed in case of changing the position of the rotor shaft tip compared to the stator. There are several ways in which to achieve the rotation reversal.

The induced current in the loop has as its function to cause the flow through it to undergo a reactive delay with respect to the flow of the part not invaded. This process derives from a rotating field capable of moving in the direction of the unincluded part to the part of the pole involved, thus producing the nominal rotation torque.

Regarding the behavior, the distorted field motors offer low starting torque, low power and efficiency. The shaded pole motor, also called as a distorted field motor, because of its starting process, is considered the most economical and simple of single-phase induction motors.

They can be found in different categories, considering that one of the most common types presented is that of outgoing poles. Each of these poles has a part, which can change from an average of 25% to 35% of it, surrounded by a short copper circuit.

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The Operation of Electric Motors

The electric motor is a machine whose main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most marketed and used engine among the various types is the electric for reasons such as being transported in a simple way, have low cost, its cleaning is simple and simplicity of command, besides being machines of simple projection and adaptation to different loads.

The machines currently found do not produce energy, so they have the function of converting different types of energy into mechanical energy to ensure its operation. Currently, due to the great need to preserve the ozone layer from the emission of pollutant gases, electric motors need to be used in automotive vehicles, in order to save energy, saving the environment.     82000 OMS

Some gaseous pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, released by exhaust from factory chimneys and also from automotive vehicles, have a worrisome capacity for destruction in the ozone layer. The operation of these motors is made in principles of electromagnetism, since the conductors located in a magnetic field and crossed by an electric current undergo the action of a mechanical force, called torque.


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The Composite Engine Specifications

The field windings are basically activated in series with elements such as armature and in parallel, being able to have a certain type of machine with the characteristics of the motor in series and the parallel, an effective control of speed and torque.

In the case of the subtractive composite machine, it usually has a magnetic flux from the branch field, which can get out of the magnetic field series flow, and can thus result in an engine with similar specifications of the parallel motor, and thus, common control of effective speed, but with a smaller torque, in relation to the cumulative configuration.

The basic and load velocity characteristics can be modified, in case we can trigger the two fields, so that they match or oppose, thus generating two distinct types of compound machines.    mrosupply

The additive composite machine is based on a magnetic flux of the branch field that can be added with the magnetic flux of the series field, which can result in a motor with specifications belonging to the motor in series, that is to say, with greater torque, however, with a lower speed control.


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The Asynchronous Motor

The asynchronous motor which is also known as induction motor is an alternating current machine that rotates at a speed very close to the synchronous speed, that is, very similar to the synchronism with the frequency of the mains. This motor is produced with coils in its stator and has the torque in the rotor through currents induced in these coils modifying the magnetic field, that is, the voltage is induced in the rotor by electromagnetic induction, eliminating the need for brushed or sliding ring switching.


Most of the motors used in the industry are AC induction motors because of their simplicity, rugged construction and relatively low manufacturing costs. The rotor of the induction motors usually rotates at a slower rate L 5550 123 3A than the frequency supplied to it, and typically there is an exact slip or loss of speed during operation. This type of electric motor has advantages: low acquisition cost, low maintenance cost and long service life, and the disadvantages of the asynchronous motor is that it has high starting current, it needs a frequency inverter to control the speed and has a low power factor.

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Star-triangle start (Y – Δ)

During start-up, the torque and starting current are reduced to 1/3 of their nominal values, in which case an engine can only start with a star-delta key when its torque on the star connection is greater than of the axle load. Due to the low starting torque to which the engine is contained, the star-triangle wrenches are more appropriately used in starter motors. In industrial electrical installations, especially those overloaded, star-delta switches can be applied as a way to soften the starting effects of the electric motors.

It will only be possible to start an electric motor reelcraft with star-delta switches if it has six accessible terminals and has a nominal double voltage, such as 220/380 V or 380/660 V. Initially the procedure for motor starting is done connecting it in the star configuration until it achieves a velocity close to the regime velocity, when this connection is undone and the triangle connection is made. Switching of the connection during start-up is followed by a rise in current, so that the advantages of reducing it are added if the switching is anticipated from the ideal point.

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Single-phase induction motors

Single-phase motors are so called because their field windings are connected entirely to a single-phase source. Single-phase induction motors are the natural alternative to three-phase induction motors where three-phase power is not available, such as homes, offices, and in rural areas. Its application is justified for low power (1 to 2 KW). Amongst the various types of single-phase electric motors, squirrel-cage rotor motors stand out for their simplicity of manufacture and especially for their robustness and reduced maintenance requirements.

Because they have only one phase of power, it does not have a rotating field like three-phase motors, but a pulsating magnetic field. This will prevent them from having starting torque, taking into account that magnetic fields aligned with the stator field are induced in the rotor LD2030 163 9. To solve the starting problem we use auxiliary windings, which are sized and positioned to create a second dummy phase, which will allow the formation of the precise rotating field for starting. As we have single-phase induction motors we have shaded, split-phase, capacitor-starter, permanent-capacitor, and two-capacitor motors.

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Running the Wheelbarrow

It is important to analyze that in general, the brake motor has the capacity to operate from up to three connection systems, thus enabling slow, medium and fast braking. Therefore, during slow braking, the supply of the brake coil rectifier bridge is properly effected at the motor terminals without any rest. In median braking a contact is interleaved to pause the power supply current of the rectifier bridge in the circuit. When a motor is disconnected from the network, the control will stop at the same time, the coil current and the electromagnet will stop working.

Thus, the pressure springs push the armature toward the rear engine cover. If the motor C1F007HRS is properly connected to the mains, the coil will be fed and automatically, the armature will be drawn against the electromagnet shell, thus obtaining the resistance of the springs. When free, the pads found in the engine may move axially in their housings, away from the friction surfaces. In this way, the braking action will eventually allow the engine to move freely. The pads found on the brake disc are compacted between friction surfaces, the armature and the cap, and will be able to brake the engine until it stops.

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Polarization of Coils and Windings

It is important to make sure that the identification of the coils is carried out correctly, as well as the polarization of the coils or windings. Thus, in order to be able to specify the auxiliary coil of the single-phase motor, it is important that the resistance measurement is carried out with the aid of a multi-ester, capable of checking the resistance value of each coil. The coil that counts with the greatest value of resistance is the auxiliary coil. Single-phase motors rely on a specific number of terminals to make connections that are necessary to make the best possible operation.

Therefore, in some situations, in single-phase motors, high-frequency handling, cleaning, and preventive maintenance can occur, among other factors, of the identifications that are detached from their respective terminals. In case of lack of identification, it is not possible to carry out the connections in a random manner without taking some risks, such as causing serious damage to the engine. Therefore, it is extremely important that the person responsible for the operation of the motor be aware of the exact identification of each of the existing coils or windings, as well as the polarization of the same.

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Normalized Conjugate Categories and Values

Depending on the characteristics and properties of the gearbox in relation to the starting speed and current, three-phase induction motors with cage rotors can be classified into different categories, each of which must be appropriate to a specific type of load. These categories are defined by official standards. Category H is a high starting torque with normal starting current and low slip. It is used for loads that need larger torque at start, such as sieves and loader conveyors. Category D consists of the high starting torque, with normal starting current and high slip.

It is used in eccentric presses and similar machines baldor CSPM3558T, in which the load presents periodic peaks. Also used in elevators and loads requiring very high starting torque and limited starting current. The NY category includes motors similar to Category N, intended for star-triangle startup. The category HY includes the engines similar to those of category H, however, foreseen for start star-triangle. Category N consists of the normal starting conjugate, normal starting current, with low slip. They integrate most of the motors found in the market and lend themselves to the activation of normal loads, such as pumps and machine tools.

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Performance Specifications

The speed is directly related to the number of poles of a machine. That is, two poles refer to 3600 rpm; four poles, referring to 1800 rpm; 6 poles, referring to 1200 rpm; and eight poles, referring to 900 rpm. It can be concluded that the most wanted electric motors are those that count from two to four poles. An important factor to consider when opting for an AC motor is to determine the most accurate performance characteristics for an application.

The speed of the motor Bearing 320/28 X/Q consists essentially of the speed of rotation of the axis, at the moment in which the motor is fed through its voltage and nominal power, producing the revolutions per minute, also called as RPM. In the case of induction and synchronous motors, this value can be fixed, requiring a frequency inverter or even a gear unit to adjust the speed. Thus, if the electric motor is exposed to a load smaller than the maximum rated load, the output speed will need to be greater than the motor speed.

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Motor Heating

In addition to having an efficient fan, the ventilation system, which needs to be designed properly, must be capable of controlling a large volume of air and directing it so that it covers the entire surface of the housing, in which the Heat exchange. It would not help to get a large volume of air if it spread without removing the heat from the engine. The area of ​​dissipation needs to be as large as possible. However, an engine that has a large carcass, to have a larger area, will therefore be heavier and more expensive, in addition to taking up more space.

In this way, the area of ​​available dissipation is always limited by the need to design smaller and lighter engines 7318 BECBY. Therefore, it is offset to the extent by increasing the area through molten cooling alerts along with the casing. The heat produced by the losses inside an enclosed motor is dissipated into ambient air through the outer surface of the housing. In closed electric motors what happens is this dissipation counts with the aid of the fan, installed in the very axis of the motor.


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Three-phase or Power Transformers

Three-phase or power transformers have the important purpose of properly lowering or increasing the voltage, resulting in the increase or decrease of the current of a circuit, so that the power of the circuit is not altered. It is worth mentioning that three-phase or power transformers can be divided into two groups. The first of these is the power transformer, used to produce, transmit and properly distribute the energy in substations, as well as in utilities. They count on power that can vary in average from 5 to 300 MVA, and in the case of acting in high voltage they count with up to 550 kv.

The second group is from the distribution transformer, which are used to decrease the voltage to be delivered to the power distribution companies. Typically, they are installed on poles or underground chambers, with power from 15 to 300 kVA. The winding has a voltage of 15, 24.2 or 36.2 kV, the low voltage winding being 380/220 or 220/127 V. In the case of autotransformers, the primary and secondary windings are connected to each other.

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Insulation Materials in Insulation Systems

The characteristic of a product in a given thermal class does not mean and does not determine that each insulation material used in its projection has the same thermal capacity, ie the same thermal class.

The temperature limit for an insulation system can never be directly related to the thermal capacity of the individual materials used in this system.

In a system, the thermal performance of a material can be improved by the protective characteristics of specific materials used with that material. For example, a grade material of 155 degrees may have improved performance when the set is impregnated with 180 degree grade varnish.

buck bost transformer

To meet the different market needs and specific applications, coupled with excellent technical performance, nine insulation systems can be used on different electric motors found. The enamelled circular wire is one of the most important elements of the motor, since it is the electric current passing through it, which will create the magnetic field necessary for the effective operation of the motor.

During the manufacture of the motor, the yarns are exposed to mechanical tensile, bending and abrasion stresses. In operation, the thermal and electrical effects also act on the insulation material of the wire.

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Synchronous Motor Operation

When acting as a synchronous electric motor, electric power is supplied to the machine by the application of three-phase alternating voltages to the terminals of the stator windings, in addition to the rotor field windings being fed by a DC voltage source.

Since the voltages applied to the stator windings can be alternated and three-phase, they will travel in them, a three-phase set of alternating currents of the same frequency as the voltage, thus enabling these three-phase currents to generate alternating magnetic fields capable of varying in time.

bell gosset slingle phase

However, through the spatial arrangement found in the stator windings, the time-varying magnetic fields can also cross the stator so that the resulting magnetic field rotates around the circumference of the stator at angular velocity according to the alternating voltage frequency Applied in the windings. The field that circulates around the entire circumference of the stator is also called the rotating field.

Thus, if one of the poles of the constant time magnetic field produced by the rotor field winding communicates with the resulting rotating field of the stator, it will tend to align with the opposite signal pole.

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Electromagnetism and Methods of Departure

The moment an electric current passes through a conductor, a kind of magnetic field will be generated around it. The principles of magnetism are considered as an extremely important part of electricity, since in addition to electric motors, electromagnets are used in numerous electrical components.

The electric motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, rotating motion. This machine has a simplified construction and a low cost, besides being very versatile and non-polluting. In the course of its technological development, the electric motor has become one of the most important inventions of man.

Its purpose is basically the drive of machines, mechanical equipment and appliances, among others, no less important. Its fundamental principles of operation, construction and starting methods must be analyzed and respected to ensure an application.

The motors T169436 are controlled by means of starters, the most used are direct or reversing starter, which drives small motors; The start star triangle, which acts in the drive of large motors without load; The compensating start, which drives large motors with load; Starting with soft-starter, to drive large motors with load; And starting with frequency inverter, for small and large motors.

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General Information About Electric Motors

Electric motors are devices designed for the purpose of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy; So when connecting a motor to the grid, it will retain a given portion of electric power, and then trigger a load, similar to a tram. This method of converting the form of energy is similar to that of a gasoline engine.

This also called the explode engine, benefits from the energy resulting from the burning of fuel to move the vehicle. In the electric motor, your gasoline is the electric energy. Electric motors are made up of two parts: the rotor which is the moving part and the stator or housing which is the fixed part and are classified in alternating and direct current motors.

AC motors work when plugged into AC mains; Are single-phase or three-phase according to their single-phase or three-phase voltage. DC electric motors operate when connected to a DC voltage network.

Electric AC motors are currently the most used, we can locate them in domestic refrigerators, machine tools etc. The motors of direct current are of more reserved application, being found in the electric traction, great rolling mills etc.

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Features of the Planned Maintenance System (SMP)

In an industry where most of the production depends on the electric motors in their perfect functioning, there is a need for efficient, preventive and planned maintenance.

Maintenance activities are oriented through an organizational structure with varying levels of operation, such as divisions, sections, departments, etc. They are designed for each level of operation, taking into account the other activities of the organization.

Performing the maintenance tasks is decentralized, each individual being responsible for carrying out the task assigned to him. The operating activities of each level of the system are managed in order to guarantee the data feedback, and the SMP is based on the existence – at levels determined by the system itself – of the following documentation requirements: test equipment and tooling, spare parts And staff training.

SKF-Bearing LER 53

An SMP does not start up by itself, nor does it generate results automatically. It is essential to have a positive mental posture, belief and reliability in the efficiency of the SMP at all levels of the system, which must be able to initiate immediate corrective maintenance activities when Execution of preventive maintenance routines.

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Principle of Operation of the Induction Motor

The induction electric motor is an engine that bases its working principle on creating a rotating magnetic field.

Magnetic fields are measured through a magnitude called magnetic induction (symbolized by the letter B), whose unit is the Tesla (T). The value of B is greater in regions where the lines are more concentrated.

The field winding can be single-phase or three-phase. The way this winding is built determines the number of motor poles, among other operational features. Its ends (terminals) are extended to a terminal box, where the connection can be made to the mains power supply.

sealmaster bearings

In the region around a magnet happen some special phenomena, like the attraction of iron fragments or the deviation of the needle of a compass. It is said that in this region there is a magnetic field, which can be represented by induction lines.

In an induction electric motor, the speed of rotation is different from the speed of synchronism. This fact is because there is a difference in speed between the rotor and the rotating field of the stator. At this speed difference is given the name slip.

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A Great Invention of Man

The electric motor has become one of the most notorious inventions of man throughout his technological development.

The electric motor is the most used equipment for the man in his walk in search of the progress, whose main purpose is the drive of machines, mechanical equipment, appliances, etc. Virtually every machine and many known inventions depend on it, as it is very versatile.

mro acme transformers best price

Because it plays a significant role in the comfort and well-being of all mankind in today’s world, the electric motor needs to be identified and treated as a power machine, whose characteristics involve certain care, including installation and maintenance . For this we can say that the electric motor must receive adequate treatment so that the two operations between each other ensure a perfect functioning as well, a longer life. Specific care can reduce maintenance interventions, further reducing their cost, as well as reducing excess noise levels, making their operation ideal.

So important is the electric motor that is fundamental to the operation of countless machines.

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Single Phase Induction Motors – Basic Information

The single-phase induction electric motor is the only motor that has a single winding in the stator. This winding generates a field that is non-rotating, but alternates along the winding axis. When the rotor is stationary, the stator field induces currents in the rotor. The field generated in the rotor has opposite polarity to that of the stator according to the Law of Lenz.

The opposition of the fields determines the appearance of forces acting on the upper and lower parts of the rotor, tending to rotate it 180º from the initial position. The action of forces is equal in both directions, as they act through the center of the rotor (left hand rule). The rotor is then stopped. However, if the rotor is rotating when the motor is started, it will continue to move in the initial direction because the action of the forces will be driven by the inertia of the rotor.

Since the field created by the single-phase voltage applied to the stator winding is pulsating, single-phase induction electric motors develop a pulsating torque, so they are less efficient than the torques of three-phase motors that are more uniform.

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Proper handling with electric motor transport

Much is said about the proper transportation of electric motors. Some professionals say that the electric motor is prepared for heavy work and in a hostile environment and therefore there would be no need for special care during transportation. Others say that shipping should be extremely careful as they are precision components.

In most cases the transport of electric motors does not need to be extremely sophisticated with special packaging and materials, but it can not be transported in any way that can be thrown or be carried loose in the means of transport.


The biggest problem for the electric motor is in precision components such as bearings that will be subject to vibrations during transportation and can be severely damaged and unusable. Movements under cyclic vibrations occur in the contact areas between the rolling elements (balls or rollers) and the bearing tracks. Depending on the vibration intensity, lubrication condition and load, a combination of corrosion and wear occurs forming depressions in the bearing tracks. In the transport of the electric motor this can be caused when the shaft is transported loose and can move freely.

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What are the main functions of electric motor control?

The main control functions of an electric motor are: starting, stopping, direction of rotation, speed regulation, starting current limitation, mechanical protection and electrical protection.

In order for the electric motor to start rotating when the load moment to be overcome when it is stopped is smaller than its starting torque.

In some applications, the electric motor and its load must decelerate. When disconnected, the electric motor of the power line must use a reversing device with the electric motor still running.

The electric motor of the mains is stopped or switched off by means of a relay preventing it from starting in the opposite direction. In the case of the synchronous electric motor, dynamic braking is used.

Most of the electric motor can be used in two directions of rotation and this will depend only on proper control.

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New electric motor

Just as there are many customers who want to buy new electric motor, there are also many who wish to buy used electric motor. The choice varies according to the objectives of each, establishing a machine standard is not an easy task, mainly because this decision varies according to each end consumer.

To find new electric motor Coxreels SH-N-3100 you have numerous physical and virtual companies that work with the sale of these products. The values for the new engine are much higher than if it were a used machine. The models used can cater well to most people’s needs, Prince if he is in good condition to use.

The function of this machine is to transform the electric energy into mechanical energy. If you are looking for a motor, see which model meets your needs and analyze the price of new and used machines. Choose the one that offers the most benefits for what you need.

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Characteristics of the electric motor manufactured by Weg

The WEG electric motor is one of the multifunctional equipment to be applied in the industrial circuit. The electric motor can be applied in the most diverse situations that can be: manufacture of machines, mining companies and also in the steel and metallurgical branch.

Using the Weg electric motor, it is easy to obtain a high performance in the work of the industrial sector, as the electric motor directly influences the productivity and as a consequence comes the technology used to compose this electric motor and its parts.

The Weg electric motor rab wp2f26 pc is divided into three different types and each of them is intended for a specific situation. These models of electric motor can be applied in the industry, in the trade and there is the electric motor of direct current.

ESA is an industry specialized in manufacturing products and services suitable for the industry. Each piece of equipment manufactured by it has six months of warranty and it serves all Brazil. Anyone needing to have the electric motor repaired need not worry.

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Electric motor can have in its operation the reduced cost

Electric motor may have reduced operation costs when using materials and elements that contribute to this

The electric motor is very important in the industrial production process not only in Brazil, but as in the whole world, because the electric motor is the base of a high number of equipment and facilities as a generator of power and the park of electric motors is responsible For spending a third of all the electric energy that circulates in Brazil.

Today, energy efficiency is fundamental and it is present, because today we are looking for a solution that is viable in the electric energy, because the objective is to replace the energies considered “dirty” as the burning of the fossil fuel and also to reduce the consumption that the engine Makes it necessary for society to be economically viable and to seek a more sustainable country.

So that the electric motor can reduce the cost of operation without adding cost to what it produces and the answer to that is directly related to the elements and materials used in the construction of the electric motor.

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