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What are the main functions of electric motor control?

The main control functions of an electric motor are: starting, stopping, direction of rotation, speed regulation, starting current limitation, mechanical protection and electrical protection.

In order for the electric motor to start rotating when the load moment to be overcome when it is stopped is smaller than its starting torque.

In some applications, the electric motor and its load must decelerate. When disconnected, the electric motor of the power line must use a reversing device with the electric motor still running.

The electric motor of the mains is stopped or switched off by means of a relay preventing it from starting in the opposite direction. In the case of the synchronous electric motor, dynamic braking is used.

Most of the electric motor can be used in two directions of rotation and this will depend only on proper control.

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New electric motor

Just as there are many customers who want to buy new electric motor, there are also many who wish to buy used electric motor. The choice varies according to the objectives of each, establishing a machine standard is not an easy task, mainly because this decision varies according to each end consumer.

To find new electric motor Coxreels SH-N-3100 you have numerous physical and virtual companies that work with the sale of these products. The values for the new engine are much higher than if it were a used machine. The models used can cater well to most people’s needs, Prince if he is in good condition to use.

The function of this machine is to transform the electric energy into mechanical energy. If you are looking for a motor, see which model meets your needs and analyze the price of new and used machines. Choose the one that offers the most benefits for what you need.

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