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A Great Invention of Man

The electric motor has become one of the most notorious inventions of man throughout his technological development.

The electric motor is the most used equipment for the man in his walk in search of the progress, whose main purpose is the drive of machines, mechanical equipment, appliances, etc. Virtually every machine and many known inventions depend on it, as it is very versatile.

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Because it plays a significant role in the comfort and well-being of all mankind in today’s world, the electric motor needs to be identified and treated as a power machine, whose characteristics involve certain care, including installation and maintenance . For this we can say that the electric motor must receive adequate treatment so that the two operations between each other ensure a perfect functioning as well, a longer life. Specific care can reduce maintenance interventions, further reducing their cost, as well as reducing excess noise levels, making their operation ideal.

So important is the electric motor that is fundamental to the operation of countless machines.

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