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Motor Heating

In addition to having an efficient fan, the ventilation system, which needs to be designed properly, must be capable of controlling a large volume of air and directing it so that it covers the entire surface of the housing, in which the Heat exchange. It would not help to get a large volume of air if it spread without removing the heat from the engine. The area of ​​dissipation needs to be as large as possible. However, an engine that has a large carcass, to have a larger area, will therefore be heavier and more expensive, in addition to taking up more space.

In this way, the area of ​​available dissipation is always limited by the need to design smaller and lighter engines 7318 BECBY. Therefore, it is offset to the extent by increasing the area through molten cooling alerts along with the casing. The heat produced by the losses inside an enclosed motor is dissipated into ambient air through the outer surface of the housing. In closed electric motors what happens is this dissipation counts with the aid of the fan, installed in the very axis of the motor.


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Three-phase or Power Transformers

Three-phase or power transformers have the important purpose of properly lowering or increasing the voltage, resulting in the increase or decrease of the current of a circuit, so that the power of the circuit is not altered. It is worth mentioning that three-phase or power transformers can be divided into two groups. The first of these is the power transformer, used to produce, transmit and properly distribute the energy in substations, as well as in utilities. They count on power that can vary in average from 5 to 300 MVA, and in the case of acting in high voltage they count with up to 550 kv.

The second group is from the distribution transformer, which are used to decrease the voltage to be delivered to the power distribution companies. Typically, they are installed on poles or underground chambers, with power from 15 to 300 kVA. The winding has a voltage of 15, 24.2 or 36.2 kV, the low voltage winding being 380/220 or 220/127 V. In the case of autotransformers, the primary and secondary windings are connected to each other.

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Insulation Materials in Insulation Systems

The characteristic of a product in a given thermal class does not mean and does not determine that each insulation material used in its projection has the same thermal capacity, ie the same thermal class.

The temperature limit for an insulation system can never be directly related to the thermal capacity of the individual materials used in this system.

In a system, the thermal performance of a material can be improved by the protective characteristics of specific materials used with that material. For example, a grade material of 155 degrees may have improved performance when the set is impregnated with 180 degree grade varnish.

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To meet the different market needs and specific applications, coupled with excellent technical performance, nine insulation systems can be used on different electric motors found. The enamelled circular wire is one of the most important elements of the motor, since it is the electric current passing through it, which will create the magnetic field necessary for the effective operation of the motor.

During the manufacture of the motor, the yarns are exposed to mechanical tensile, bending and abrasion stresses. In operation, the thermal and electrical effects also act on the insulation material of the wire.

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