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Normalized Conjugate Categories and Values

Depending on the characteristics and properties of the gearbox in relation to the starting speed and current, three-phase induction motors with cage rotors can be classified into different categories, each of which must be appropriate to a specific type of load. These categories are defined by official standards. Category H is a high starting torque with normal starting current and low slip. It is used for loads that need larger torque at start, such as sieves and loader conveyors. Category D consists of the high starting torque, with normal starting current and high slip.

It is used in eccentric presses and similar machines baldor CSPM3558T, in which the load presents periodic peaks. Also used in elevators and loads requiring very high starting torque and limited starting current. The NY category includes motors similar to Category N, intended for star-triangle startup. The category HY includes the engines similar to those of category H, however, foreseen for start star-triangle. Category N consists of the normal starting conjugate, normal starting current, with low slip. They integrate most of the motors found in the market and lend themselves to the activation of normal loads, such as pumps and machine tools.

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Performance Specifications

The speed is directly related to the number of poles of a machine. That is, two poles refer to 3600 rpm; four poles, referring to 1800 rpm; 6 poles, referring to 1200 rpm; and eight poles, referring to 900 rpm. It can be concluded that the most wanted electric motors are those that count from two to four poles. An important factor to consider when opting for an AC motor is to determine the most accurate performance characteristics for an application.

The speed of the motor Bearing 320/28 X/Q consists essentially of the speed of rotation of the axis, at the moment in which the motor is fed through its voltage and nominal power, producing the revolutions per minute, also called as RPM. In the case of induction and synchronous motors, this value can be fixed, requiring a frequency inverter or even a gear unit to adjust the speed. Thus, if the electric motor is exposed to a load smaller than the maximum rated load, the output speed will need to be greater than the motor speed.

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