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Polarization of Coils and Windings

It is important to make sure that the identification of the coils is carried out correctly, as well as the polarization of the coils or windings. Thus, in order to be able to specify the auxiliary coil of the single-phase motor, it is important that the resistance measurement is carried out with the aid of a multi-ester, capable of checking the resistance value of each coil. The coil that counts with the greatest value of resistance is the auxiliary coil. Single-phase motors rely on a specific number of terminals to make connections that are necessary to make the best possible operation.

Therefore, in some situations, in single-phase motors, high-frequency handling, cleaning, and preventive maintenance can occur, among other factors, of the identifications that are detached from their respective terminals. In case of lack of identification, it is not possible to carry out the connections in a random manner without taking some risks, such as causing serious damage to the engine. Therefore, it is extremely important that the person responsible for the operation of the motor be aware of the exact identification of each of the existing coils or windings, as well as the polarization of the same.

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