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Generators – Distribution

For locations that do not have electricity, planning should be done for the analysis of local conditions and a classification of data such as: – Demand;

– Plant of the locality;

– Load prevention;

– Cadastral classification;

– Urban layout;

– Number and gauge of conductors.


During the construction period, the need for greater security, and the use of materials, equipment and protection of the personnel involved in the works, as well as the population being served, will need to be studied.           Leeson 096003.00

In this way we advise that in the preparation of the projects the criteria and specializations related to the forecasting of load and sizing of primary and secondary circuits, tracing of generators and secondary circuits, minimum distances or distances, protection and maneuver should be verified.

Even taking into account that a distribution network should not be sketched under strict rules, the projects must attend to a fundamental planning that guarantees a progressive development adjusted with the guarantees of growth of the location.

For places that already have electric power, an analysis of the available electrical system must be made, and the network design and its generators are elaborated. The criteria followed for this elaboration, besides admitting a good behavior of the electric energy distribution system, should reduce the risk of accidents.



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