Giovanni fcb
giovanni fcb

Dielectric Operation June 27, 2018

It is important to understand that if a relatively large unit is required, capacitors with capacitance at the picofarad scales, represented by pF, and microfarad, represented by mF, should be used. According to the element inserted between the capacitor plates, called dielectric, the categories of this component is defined in oil, paper, ceramic, polyester, polystyrene or electrolytic. Thus, each category of capacitor has a specific application, varying according to the frequencies of the signals that will be used, always having to analyze the maximum voltage that can be supported without rupturing the dielectric.

It is worth stressing that the main objective of the dielectric process is to enable a significant increase in the capacitance, since each capacitor is formed by two different plates. The first circuit of the capacitor to be considered refers to the resistor R, a capacitor C and a tensioned battery that is always energized, connected together in series.

In this same circuit, the current is common to all components, and all are influenced by it. Even if you do not have the capacitor, the battery would force an inadequate current.

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