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giovanni fcb

Electromagnetism and Methods of Departure July 10, 2017

The moment an electric current passes through a conductor, a kind of magnetic field will be generated around it. The principles of magnetism are considered as an extremely important part of electricity, since in addition to electric motors, electromagnets are used in numerous electrical components.

The electric motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, rotating motion. This machine has a simplified construction and a low cost, besides being very versatile and non-polluting. In the course of its technological development, the electric motor has become one of the most important inventions of man.

Its purpose is basically the drive of machines, mechanical equipment and appliances, among others, no less important. Its fundamental principles of operation, construction and starting methods must be analyzed and respected to ensure an application.

The motors T169436 are controlled by means of starters, the most used are direct or reversing starter, which drives small motors; The start star triangle, which acts in the drive of large motors without load; The compensating start, which drives large motors with load; Starting with soft-starter, to drive large motors with load; And starting with frequency inverter, for small and large motors.

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