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giovanni fcb

Environmental Specifications and Recommendations May 24, 2018

When choosing any type of DC electric motor it is necessary to consider its dimensions, in the same way as the environmental factors.

The configuration of the shaft and the reducer, if need be, also become admirable factors that should be respected. The optimum shaft choice ensures increased efficiency and saves time and cost during the assembly process.

The configurations can cover several types, including square, hexagon, grooved, concave and round. The DC motor reduction is applied to increase or decrease the speed of the shaft mechanically.       ORC4SPCHP37P61

The different types of gearboxes that are used in DC electric motors may include gear reducers, planetary gearwheels, or worm gears. We must consider that a DC machine must fit properly in a verified space or if it respects possible weight requirements and the physical specifications, which end up being very important factors to make the choice that best fits the needs.

The configuration of the shaft must determine that the motor must be assembled and connected to the system that it will have to activate, being essential its correct selection so that it is compatible with the system.

A configuração do eixo deve determinar que o motor deva ser montado e conectado ao sistema que ele terá que acionar, sendo fundamental a sua seleção correta para que ele seja compatível com o sistema.


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