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Features of the Planned Maintenance System (SMP) May 18, 2017

In an industry where most of the production depends on the electric motors in their perfect functioning, there is a need for efficient, preventive and planned maintenance.

Maintenance activities are oriented through an organizational structure with varying levels of operation, such as divisions, sections, departments, etc. They are designed for each level of operation, taking into account the other activities of the organization.

Performing the maintenance tasks is decentralized, each individual being responsible for carrying out the task assigned to him. The operating activities of each level of the system are managed in order to guarantee the data feedback, and the SMP is based on the existence – at levels determined by the system itself – of the following documentation requirements: test equipment and tooling, spare parts And staff training.

SKF-Bearing LER 53

An SMP does not start up by itself, nor does it generate results automatically. It is essential to have a positive mental posture, belief and reliability in the efficiency of the SMP at all levels of the system, which must be able to initiate immediate corrective maintenance activities when Execution of preventive maintenance routines.

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