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giovanni fcb

General Information About Electric Motors June 7, 2017

Electric motors are devices designed for the purpose of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy; So when connecting a motor to the grid, it will retain a given portion of electric power, and then trigger a load, similar to a tram. This method of converting the form of energy is similar to that of a gasoline engine.

This also called the explode engine, benefits from the energy resulting from the burning of fuel to move the vehicle. In the electric motor, your gasoline is the electric energy. Electric motors are made up of two parts: the rotor which is the moving part and the stator or housing which is the fixed part and are classified in alternating and direct current motors.

AC motors work when plugged into AC mains; Are single-phase or three-phase according to their single-phase or three-phase voltage. DC electric motors operate when connected to a DC voltage network.

Electric AC motors are currently the most used, we can locate them in domestic refrigerators, machine tools etc. The motors of direct current are of more reserved application, being found in the electric traction, great rolling mills etc.

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