Giovanni fcb
giovanni fcb

Impedances April 26, 2018

From the relations previously known we can have a relation between the impedance of the primary Zp and the impedance of the load Zc. In this way, it is possible to work the impedances by changing the turns ratio. The relationship between the modules of the induced voltages in the primary and the secondary is identical to the relation between the number of corresponding windings.

In transformers the power must always remain the same and the incoming power must be the same as it leaves, disregarding the loss. The maximum power approved by the source is only transferred to the load if it has an impedance identical to the internal impedance of the source. Just look at the example of how to use the transformer to solve problems of low power in the load.

Electrical insulation means the lack of direct physical connection between circuits and an example of transformer application for electrical insulation is in voltage measurement on a high voltage line. The measurement can be performed smoothly by the technician using a transformer in the original line design that lowers the voltage to a protected level for technical and from which we can get the original tension applying the turns ratio should be known.

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