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giovanni fcb

Shaded Pole Motors April 3, 2018

The distorted field electric motor provides a single direction of rotation and normally this field can be reversed in case of changing the position of the rotor shaft tip compared to the stator. There are several ways in which to achieve the rotation reversal.

The induced current in the loop has as its function to cause the flow through it to undergo a reactive delay with respect to the flow of the part not invaded. This process derives from a rotating field capable of moving in the direction of the unincluded part to the part of the pole involved, thus producing the nominal rotation torque.

Regarding the behavior, the distorted field motors offer low starting torque, low power and efficiency. The shaded pole motor, also called as a distorted field motor, because of its starting process, is considered the most economical and simple of single-phase induction motors.

They can be found in different categories, considering that one of the most common types presented is that of outgoing poles. Each of these poles has a part, which can change from an average of 25% to 35% of it, surrounded by a short copper circuit.

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