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giovanni fcb

Synchronous Generator – Operation April 11, 2018

In the case of acting as a generator, the mechanical energy will be provided to the electric motor by the application of a torque and by the rotation of the shaft or shaft thereof. Once the generator is properly connected to the mains, the voltage to its terminals will be solved by the frequency of rotation and by the number of poles, the frequency of the three-phase voltage of the machine.

In order for the synchronous machine to transform the mechanical energy applied to its axis or shaft, it is necessary that the field winding located in the machine rotor be fed properly by a source of continuous voltage so that, in making the rotation, the magnetic field produced by the rotor poles has a relative movement to the conductors of the stator windings.

Due to the relative movement between the magnetic field of the rotor poles, the intensity of the magnetic field that circulates through the stator windings can change in time, that is, considering Faraday’s law, there is an induction of voltage to the terminals of the stator windings .     ZD18H575-EO

Thus, because of the form of distribution and space accommodation of the set of windings of the stator, the voltages induced at its terminals can be alternated three-phase sinusoidal.


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