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giovanni fcb

The Asynchronous Motor February 26, 2018

The asynchronous motor which is also known as induction motor is an alternating current machine that rotates at a speed very close to the synchronous speed, that is, very similar to the synchronism with the frequency of the mains. This motor is produced with coils in its stator and has the torque in the rotor through currents induced in these coils modifying the magnetic field, that is, the voltage is induced in the rotor by electromagnetic induction, eliminating the need for brushed or sliding ring switching.


Most of the motors used in the industry are AC induction motors because of their simplicity, rugged construction and relatively low manufacturing costs. The rotor of the induction motors usually rotates at a slower rate L 5550 123 3A than the frequency supplied to it, and typically there is an exact slip or loss of speed during operation. This type of electric motor has advantages: low acquisition cost, low maintenance cost and long service life, and the disadvantages of the asynchronous motor is that it has high starting current, it needs a frequency inverter to control the speed and has a low power factor.

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