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giovanni fcb

Three-phase or Power Transformers August 16, 2017

Three-phase or power transformers have the important purpose of properly lowering or increasing the voltage, resulting in the increase or decrease of the current of a circuit, so that the power of the circuit is not altered. It is worth mentioning that three-phase or power transformers can be divided into two groups. The first of these is the power transformer, used to produce, transmit and properly distribute the energy in substations, as well as in utilities. They count on power that can vary in average from 5 to 300 MVA, and in the case of acting in high voltage they count with up to 550 kv.

The second group is from the distribution transformer, which are used to decrease the voltage to be delivered to the power distribution companies. Typically, they are installed on poles or underground chambers, with power from 15 to 300 kVA. The winding has a voltage of 15, 24.2 or 36.2 kV, the low voltage winding being 380/220 or 220/127 V. In the case of autotransformers, the primary and secondary windings are connected to each other.

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